The five loudest chess scandals
Alexander Alekhine: boycott, strange death and a trace of foreign intelligence services If we leave out the scandals of the beginning of the 20th century and the figure of Prince…

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Chess Quotes
Chess is a quiet game of raum music. Leonid Sukhorukov Victory goes to the one who made the penultimate mistake. Savely Tartakover With the right game on both sides, a…

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Forbidden moves: how to win chess without touching the pieces
Many grandmasters used psychological techniques that can hardly be considered correct. Worthy debut You can secure your victory without even touching the pieces. One of the scandalous cases in the…

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Fancy chess

Chess is an amazing logic game, the popularity of which has not faded away for several millennia. The history of chess goes deep into the centuries, but even such a long period did not affect the rules and course of the game – the chessboard and pieces are the same for everyone. The only thing that can change is the format and materials for making chess. Fortunately, today they are sold in any souvenir shop, to say nothing, you can buy chess without leaving your home online, for example, in the world-famous hypermarket of Chinese goods Aliexpress. A huge number of chess sets are presented on Aliexpress, as they say, for every taste and budget!

Wooden chess with figures – terracotta warriors

Chess “Terracotta Army” is one of the most popular chess sets made of natural wood and polymer resin in retro style. Chess is made by hand using a unique technology, therefore, both in terms of quality and cost, they are classified as premium. The main advantages of the set are incredibly realistic figures of terracotta army soldiers (3.5-4.2 cm high), as well as drawers under the storage board.

Magnetic mini chess for the whole family

Budget and very compact option for playing chess. You can easily take a miniature chessboard (size 17×19.8 cm) with flat chess pieces on the road and on vacation, because it takes up minimal space in your travel bag, and thanks to the internal magnets you can play chess in any conditions – they are always stationary will be held on the board!

Mini-chess is ideal for those who are just learning to play chess, as well as children.

Colorful wooden chess in the form of nesting dolls

Original chess in the form of bright red and green nesting dolls will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. Chess pieces are made of natural wood and hand-painted with high-quality paints. It should be borne in mind that the whole charm of this set is precisely in the painted figures, while the chessboard is a dense fabric material, which, unfortunately, not all chess players will appreciate. The set is delivered in a non-woven bag, so such chess can easily be taken with you on the go or on vacation.

The Simpsons Chess
A stunningly colorful and original chess set, the figures of which are made in the form of members of the odious Simpsons family, will surely be appreciated by children from 5 years and older! It is pleasant to hold the figures in your hands, they are moderately heavy and quite overall – from 4.5 cm to 10 cm. A flat chessboard made of high-quality plastic is supplied.

Chess with realistic pieces of a medieval army

A nice-looking chess set, striking with the realism and size of the figures of warriors – from 4.5 cm to 6 cm. The figures are made of high-quality plastic, and are also equipped with a small magnet for easy use. They are delivered complete in a classic black-and-white or trendy golden chessboard (at the buyer’s choice).

Antique Collectible Chess

Real connoisseurs of chess art will be delighted with the antique set in a wooden box with amazing paintings in the spirit of ancient Chinese traditions. Chess pieces are made of resin, fully imitating natural stone. The felling accuracy is so filigree that every detail of the figure can be seen with the naked eye. An incredible beauty wooden box holds a chessboard, as well as special stands for storing pieces.

World War II Chess
The World War II set is a collection of thematic chess dedicated to World War II. First of all, the amazing accuracy of the execution of chess pieces is striking, it even seems as if the mood of every soldier and military leader is visible! Secondly, their size is surprising – the height of the pieces is from 6.2 cm to 8.5 cm. Chess pieces are made of resin, delivered in a stylish wooden box with a chessboard.

Original chess in cartoon style

Chess attracts attention with a very unusual design of combat pieces. They are made in the form of cartoon characters that reflect vivid emotions on their faces. Thanks to the unusual idea of ​​execution, a chess set will easily carry small fidgets and their parents into the wonderful world of such a highly intellectual game! The pieces are made of high-quality plastic, the set includes a folding chessboard.

Retro Chess in Chinese Traditions

Vintage chess a la Chinese warriors will appeal to even the most sophisticated collector. The figures are made of polymer resin using a unique technology, so they look as realistic as possible. The box and chessboard are wooden; there is a storage compartment inside the box

Did Lenin play chess with Hitler: Scandalous etching of a little-known artist
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“On the interaction of figures”
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